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Mobile phone jammers get the government's attention

Perfectjammer 2021-03-22

A man on the bus reached into his shirt pocket and pressed a cell phone jammer button the size of a cigarette case. It sends out a powerful radio signal, cutting off the chatter's cell phone transmission and any other signals within a 30-foot radius.

He said: "She was talking to the phone for about 30 seconds before realizing that no one was listening to the other end." When he first discovered that he could use this power, what was his reaction? How to make a transaction.

Due to the soaring use of mobile phones, it is difficult to avoid hearing half of the conversation in many public places. A small but growing group of insurgents is taking a straightforward countermeasure: a cell phone jammer, a device that makes nearby mobile devices powerless.

This technology is not a new technology, but overseas exporters of mobile phone jammers said that the demand is rising. They send hundreds of units to the United States every month, which triggered a review by federal regulators and attracted new attention from the mobile phone industry last week. . Buyers include cafe and hair salon owners, hoteliers, speakers, theater operators, bus drivers, and more and more commuters on public transportation.

This development is starting a battle for control of the airspace in the ear. The damage is incidental. Insensitive talkers impose their rackets on unsuspecting people, while disruptors not only punish perpetrators but also more cautious chatters.

James Katz, director of the Mobile Communication Research Center at Rutgers University, said: "If there is any characteristic that can represent the 21st century, it is our inability to restrain ourselves for the benefit of others." "The mobile phone caller thinks that his rights are higher than those around him. People, and the interferer thinks his rights are more important."

Cell phone jammer technology works by sending out such a powerful radio signal that the phone is overwhelmed and unable to communicate with the cell phone tower. The range ranges from a few feet to a few yards, and the price of the equipment ranges from $50 to hundreds of dollars. You can keep a larger model to create a call-free area.