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Cell phone blocker is to prevent cell phone information leakage

Perfectjammer 2020-10-22

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Many people have asked me why I should focus on manufacturing and selling signal jammers. I think the current results prove that the initial choice was correct. As we have seen, what are the interfering sales shops on the Internet? It can be seen that there are more and more places to use signal blockers, and it has become very popular. Why do we need jammers in our lives? I think the main reason for this is that it has nothing to do with our privacy. We often hear people complain that their privacy has been leaked or stolen. This reflects the importance of information security. Predict that we need to protect privacy. The cell phone blocker is a tool to prevent the leakage of cell phone information, and the cell phone signal handheld jammer is a tool to protect the security of the wireless network, and so on.

why? First, they are illegal in public places (although the FCC can waive the use of private law) because they can block emergency signals. The man on the Philadelphia bus might not have thought of what would happen if God forbidden his bus to crash and someone had to ask for help. If your boss uses a cell phone jammer at work and your store is stolen, that is not a good situation! How would you react if someone used a cell phone jammer against you? Do you think the use of cell phone jammers is beneficial or should always be illegal?

In order to ensure the blocking effect and long-term stable operation, a strong electromagnetic environment should be avoided. When you are not using a portable jammer, you need to turn off the power for a period of time. When used outdoors, waterproofing is very important. When the deterrent device is running, please do not disassemble the antenna to avoid affecting the shielding effect. The actual shielding range may vary depending on the location of use. The effective enclosed area is a circular area centered on the area. The effective distance (30-40 m) of the mobile unit jammer usually refers to the indoor distance. In outdoor areas, the shielding distance can reach hundreds of meters. The effective range of the interfering device is related to environmental conditions, such as the distance from the base station and the installation location. In order not to affect the shielding effect, these factors need to be considered. The electromagnetic signal from the jammer is very weak.

How do we protect our personal information? Mobile phone jammers have a certain protective effect on wireless networks