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Cell Phone Jammers To Prohibit The Use Of Electronic Devices

Perfectjammer 2020-10-30

cell phone jammer

Today, we recommend that all universities install smartphone cell phone jammer on test sites to prevent duplication. Allows the installation of low-power jammers at the test site to prevent candidates from using improper means through radio-frequency-based equipment. During the exams, some students used Bluetooth and headsets to communicate with external processing personnel. Jammers are easily available on the Internet. Due to radio wave interference, mobile phones and Wi-Fi only disable GPS.

My size is small. Use clever design. You can block the frequency of the phone. There are many reasons to consider using cell phone jammers. During the exam, we may send text messages to each other. The gps radio blocking method is also useful when other users such as movie theaters and libraries can enjoy quiet activities.

The electromagnetic wave shield is sold as a special product. It means blocking things like radio waves. We can guarantee the blocking effect. It is necessary to place it outside the radio range. You can follow your behavior in public places. Many people are interested in this product. We also deal with wholesale and retail eavesdropping and voyeur detection machines. We will do our best to provide satisfactory service.

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