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How is the password of public WiFi cracked?

I recently discovered that my home network has become very slow, and is it disconnected? I suspect that someone else has cracked my home WiFi password, so I want to ask how the WiFi password is cracked.

2020-07-27 at 10:30


With the development of mobile smart devices, wifi networks covering streets have become an important part of our lives. With wifi, people have almost no data on the Internet. Since wifi networks do not require money, they use mobile phones and the Internet speed is faster. So many people have a wifi place to eat and drink tea. The Wifi network speed is slow. There may be too many connections in the same wifi. There are two ways to protect the wifi password and don’t crack it. One is to use a complex password, do not use software to decode the wifi connection, and the second is to use wifi interference The interceptor can protect your wifi network well, and the password will not be cracked.

The reason for wifi cracking is that the encryption method of wifi is not strong enough, and the security of wifi protection can be enhanced through encryption. The security of wifi involves our information security. This includes information security, property security, and most importantly our personal safety. If the wifi is attacked, other people are likely to be able to control your phone, and your computer’s camera will be the first person to commit an illegal crime. In order to protect the safety of wifi, it is necessary to use a wifi jammer.

We often set security passwords for our home wifi. Don’t let more people connect to our network. Too many people use our wifi, which will have a great impact on our network speed, but the password can be cracked. So setting up complex passwords is what we need to do, and we can use a portable wifi jammer to prevent this behavior.