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The installation of jammers in schools has become a trend

Students always play mobile phones during class, and teachers are helpless, but I heard that the school will install jammers, which has been strongly supported by parents and teachers.

asked June. 22 '20 at 08:15


The Minister of National Education has just shelved a proposal from a lawmaker who proposed to install portable jammers in schools. why? According to him, this diagnosis needs to be "necessary": install a GSM jammer to prevent the phone from answering at school. No network, no communication, any use. Philippe Meunier believes that teachers "can claim to receive the same respect from the audience or actors in the entertainment venue" and asked if it is possible for Vincent Peillon to "approval at the facility GSM portable jammer installed in schools", for example, it is already in theaters and cinemas. "

Prohibited. After nearly two months of waiting, MPs have just received a reply from the Minister of National Education. The latter told him that installing such a device was not a problem. Vincent Peillon explained that the National Education Inspectorate has checked for possible jammer installations. The result: "However, if the solution proves to be a means of preventing telephone communications, then taking into account the effects of electromagnetic interference, that is, health effects, then people must be reluctant to emit electromagnetic waves, especially from "disturbanders." Electromagnetic waves."

Most importantly, rue de Grenelle believes that Article L33-3-1 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Act "prohibits the use of equipment designed to manufacture various non-functional electronic communication devices, whether used for transmission" "Only for At reception". However, this article provides an exception: "For public order, defense and national security or the purpose of civil servants of the judiciary." Question: "Educational institutions are not mentioned in this restrictive list," the minister said. He waved his hand firmly, sweeping away the advice of Munir's deputy.

Implement the ban faced. Like the Minister, remember that "Grenell Environment II" prohibits the use (rather than possession) of mobile phones in schools and universities. Article L511-5 of the Education Law effectively stipulates: "Student is going to school, and it is prohibited to use in kindergartens, elementary schools and universities in places prescribed by internal regulations." Vincent Peillon pointed out in this case that therefore, "by each school or The competent department of the university stipulates in the internal regulations that students cannot use mobile phones."

However, such prohibitions in the name of the precautionary principle are usually still ineffective. Senator Alain Dufaut offended more than a year ago and regrets: "The text does not state whether teachers must obey the law and the risks that offenders (especially parents) may face when committing crimes. These The inaccuracy led to this. No measures were taken," he was shocked. Luc Chatel, the then Minister of Education, replied-like Vincent Peillon, each agency must resolve this issue within the framework of internal regulations. "Some regulations allow you to confiscate. Repeated failures and relapses can lead to school judgments and even disciplinary actions." Alain Dufaut's unsatisfactory explanation:"