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Smart TV can collect users' browsing habits?

Hi, I have seen that the latest smart TV can collect a large number of user browsing habits about users and share them with companies and advertisers. I want to know if it is real, and if it is, how can I stop it?

2020-10-05 at 10:30


First of all-you should know that smart TVs can indeed collect data about your viewing habits and more. It can also collect data about your favorite programs, browsing habits, and keywords used to find certain content. All this data is sent to the server and used to show you targeted advertising. All these modern gadgets will spy on you in one way or another. We also found that smart TVs can collect data about all connected devices. If an external hard drive, flash drive or any other device is connected, it will also try to scan it and send the file name on that hard drive. Therefore, when you need to stop monitoring the TV, we recommend that you use a wifi jammer.