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What are the factors that affect the bad mobile phone signal?

Many times we go to a place that is a little remote, and our mobile phone has no signal. This is a headache. What is causing it?

2020-07-27 at 10:30


The difference in mobile phone signal is a problem we have been complaining about. Why is my phone so bad? It could be signal propagation or more weather. Of course, it may be blocked by mobile phone signal jammers, which makes our mobile phone no signal. Everything is possible. It may also be related to the mobile phone base station. Even if there is no signal, the local signal of the mobile phone base station is strong but the signal is weak. Poor cell phone signal is considered to be another factor. If your neighbor uses a portable cell phone portable jammer, you will block the signal, resulting in no signal. Cell phone signal interference may be caused by many reasons, such as induction cookers and other kitchen appliances.

Generally, for the surrounding environment, such as low floors or basements of buildings, buildings near the central area, shielded rooms, etc., these local signals are difficult to penetrate, and the surrounding magnetic field is very strong, so there are signal receiving systems and mobile phones. If this is always the case, it should be because the signal coverage is incomplete and the reason for the communication service; if so, it may be the reason for the mobile phone.

In general rural or suburban areas, the coverage of base stations is not enough, and indoor base stations are far away, because the density of base stations is not enough, and the distance is too far, resulting in distortion of mobile phone signals. weak. In addition, because the surrounding buildings can block the signal, urban residents and residents of urban villages tend to report poor phone reception. The main material of the building is reinforced concrete. The signal frequency of the mobile phone is 900MHz. It is difficult to walk through the building, which is why the basic signal is poor.