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Can I jam a drone signal?

Although drones are one of the hottest topics at the moment, they have brought us a lot of convenience. However, due to the misuse of drones, they are often used for some illegal and criminal activities. Our privacy is also at stake, and there are often drones with cameras passing through our yard. So I wonder that can I jam a drone signal?

asked Jun 7 '18 at 15:46


Hi, Edward.
Your concern is justified. Nowadays, many illegal drones are used for secretly photographing, smuggling and drug trafficking. For many peopel, these drones are a big problem.
Whether you can jam the drone signal depends on your purpose. If you just want to protect your privacy, of course you can. You can buy a device called a drone jammer online. When you turn on such devices, you can quickly block out the drone signals around you and protect your privacy

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Asked: Jun.7 15:46

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