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Do you think you are being followed or followed without your knowledge?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/27

  Unwittingly stalking someone is a criminal offense in the United States

Do you think you are being followed or followed without your knowledge

  What to look for if you think you are being followed. Stalking someone without their consent is a serious offense covered by the Protection of Liberties Act 2012, whether it is an employer who believes their employee is working part-time or a spouse suspected of having an extramarital affair.

  How can I know if I am being followed?

  There is no easy way to detect GPS tracking devices, but trackers will almost certainly find incriminating evidence on their phones or PCs. They'll either receive a text message from the tracker, including a Google Maps link, or there'll be an app that shows the tracker's location and route history.

  Magnetic tracking devices are likely to be used, as these are easily concealed and do not have wires or antennas so they are easy to hide. If trackers have access, they are usually placed inside the vehicle, if not, they are usually placed under the vehicle.

  So most GPS tracking devices use both GSM+GPS signals to achieve positioning. When only the GPS signal is blocked, GSM/GPRS can also achieve positioning! Anyone can put a small GPS device into our car or even pocket Find our location easily. To protect ourselves from legitimate tracking risks, we need GPS jammers.