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Do you understand electronic radiation?

Nowadays, many electronic technologies are developing rapidly. We are in this era. I always worry about the harm of electronic radiation to the human body?

2020-07-27 at 10:30


With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have become our important tools. This is an important device for us to connect with people and enjoy leisure time. Electrons are radiation. How much depends on the degree of radiation. In our opinion, radiation must be certain. It cannot be eliminated but can only be reduced. Do you have any good ways to reduce radiation?

Mobile phone radiation is a kind of radio generated by electron
ic products at work, which will affect people's health. Mobile phone radiation is no stranger to us, but we don’t care about it and will not stop it, which is harmful to our health. Reducing radiation will reduce the use of mobile phones, thereby reducing the use of mobile phones, so we need a portable jammer.

When a mobile phone sends and receives signals, it emits radio frequency energy (radio frequency energy), which is a type of electromagnetic radiation. When the mobile phone uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this energy is also reduced. Although RF energy does not damage cells or DNA like other electromagnetic radiation (such as X-rays and ultraviolet rays), some studies have shown that RF energy may increase health risks.