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How about smartphone tracking to remove the SIM card?

Cox Nicole 2022/08/26

  There are some details in the movie: In order to avoid being tracked by evil organizations or reactionary gangs, the protagonists smashed their phones or threw them into the river. Here's the question, is it possible to access private information using our phones in the real world? In other words, are we facing the problem of smartphone tracking?

How about smartphone tracking to remove the SIM card

  After suspecting that you are being tracked by a mobile phone, the first reaction is to put your mobile phone into airplane mode. Don't want to scare you, but that doesn't work. Every phone has two operating systems, one for the cellular network and another for the user. Airplane mode just disables the second function and does nothing to connect to the phone and the network. The network connection is still there. Even without sending GPS coordinates, you can still be tracked and discovered. Only your cell phone is associated with the base station, you are tracked.

  So how about removing the SIM card? While that's one way to avoid most cybercrimes, because there's an identifier in every phone, your phone can be tracked by Stingray devices or fake 2G base stations from the NSA. Also, if it's 2G mode, that means the phone can't be protected by encryption technology.

  Break your phone into pieces, but we know it's impossible in most cases.

  Take out the battery from the phone, simple and rude. Sometimes this method is useless. Because some evil software likes shutdown hijacking and will deceive you through general shutdown pictures. It only turns off the display but not the entire phone. Also, it seems increasingly difficult to find a phone with a removable battery...

  With the portable mini jammer gps, you can ignore the first and second ways, no airplane mode, and battery removal. Connecting cell phones to real or fake base stations will no longer exist. The signal jammer blocks and rejects invitations from all base stations, so even if we keep the SIM card, we don't have to worry about the signal from fake base stations at any time. And you can carry the signal jammer with you anytime, anywhere.

  Here's why signal jammers are the best way to avoid cell phone tracking.