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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Hard-to-block GPS signals

Perfectjammer 2022/08/24

  As you know, GPS tracking is widely used in cars, vehicles, and various devices. Using a GPS tracking system can help you easily find your car when it is out of sight or stolen by a thief.

Hard-to-block GPS signals

  GPS jammers can affect the entire world. Everyone must understand how these devices work and their impact. Hope that helps you better understand the issue so you can take steps to prevent yourself from falling victim to one of these devices.

  The signal coverage of GPS jammers is about 4 meters in diameter. This means that you can use your device to disable signals from at least 4 meters around you. Signal coverage depends on several factors, including your location and the strength of your GPS signal, so it's important to keep this in mind when using your device.

  When the car enters the jamming range, the satellite signal can be cut off so that it cannot lock the direction. So if you have a GPS jammer in your vehicle, even if your enemy is tracking you with a GPS tracking device in his car, he won't be able to chase you. Even if he tries to manually follow your car, he still can't catch you because he doesn't know where you're going! This means when entering a crowded area (like a big city) or an area where there may be security cameras or police cars nearby (like toll booths or checkpoints), don't worry - they won't be able to track their targets!

  If the police turn on the positioning system to chase your car, they will not be able to catch up after entering the jammer.

  Jamming is the act of blocking communication by interfering with the signal, causing interference. It can be used as a means of refusing to communicate with the military or for illegal activities such as copyright infringement.

  A disturbance is any interruption in a communication signal. When you are disturbed, it can cause problems with your signal and make it difficult for others to understand your message.

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16 Antenna  5G Jammer

16 Band 16 Antenna All-in-One Design Wireless Signal Jammer with Nylon Cover for Portable, Jamming Using 2G, 3G, 4G 5G and CDMA 450Mhz, Block LOJACK GPS, Wi-Fi 5G, Walkie-Talkie UHF/VHF and RF Signals , such as 315, 433, 868, etc. Signals that are not too large and have an LCD display.


Adjustable Power Blocker Device

6 Bands Adjustable Power Blocker Device GSM/3G/4G

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