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Block GPS tracking on your phone

Perfectjammer 2022/09/01

  GPS tracking is great for tracking your loved ones, but what happens when your loved ones aren't being tracked? If you find out someone is tracking you that way, it could be bad. The good news is that there are some easy ways to protect yourself from unwanted GPS tracking. If you're concerned that someone is watching your whereabouts, read on!

Block GPS tracking on your phone

  My phone won't turn off.

  If you try to turn off your phone, but your phone can't, there may be some reasons for this problem. First, make sure your device is actually charged, not just plugged in and turned on. When the phone is plugged in and turned on, it tries to charge, but if the battery is completely drained, it can't shut down. If you've confirmed that the battery isn't completely drained and nothing happens when you try to turn off the device, there may be other reasons why the device isn't shutting down properly.

  In this case, the best thing to do is to take the phone apart and check for anything (like chewing gum or a toy) that might be stuck between the two parts. Another common problem here can be water stains. If so, try drying all the parts with compressed air, or leave them out overnight before reassembling!

  I can't make phone calls.

  For example, if you can't make a phone call, the phone may not be able to receive a strong enough signal from the student. This may be caused by the analysis of several important reasons:

  Your phone may not be able to receive signals from network towers because they are too far away. To fix this, try to get as close to the nearest tower as possible or place your phone in a better coverage area (e.g. indoors).

  Due to technical issues with the service itself, your phone may not be able to connect to a 3G or 4G network. If so, try contacting your carrier and ask if there are any known updates or maintenance that they need to do. They might be able to help you!

  I got a strange text message from my phone number.

  You may not have seen a text message like this:

  "Your Apple ID is about to expire. You must update your account information by December 31st or you will no longer be able to access iCloud."

  If you receive such a message, please do not reply. The person sending the email is not from Apple and is not trying to help you. Instead, stick around until the end of the month and log into your iCloud online account if something goes wrong (for example, all important files are lost). If everything looks fine now, great! However, if anything goes wrong with your account, change all passwords immediately.

  My phone is too hot to touch.

  The first rule to avoid GPS jammers tracking is to choose your smartphone carefully. If you're in an area with poor cell phone reception, the more often you use a cell phone to check messages or call someone, the more likely spies will be able to track your location.

  If you need to use your phone a lot, try setting a time limit and stick to it. This way, you can keep an eye on the amount of time each app or website spends in a given time period. This will help prevent accidental GPS tracking, as if there is no activity within the set time frame, there should be no problem!

  If all else fails...

  My battery is not charging.

  Your battery may not charge


  Your phone is overheating.

  The battery is almost dead.

  The charger or USB data cable is not working properly.

  There is a problem with the port you plugged into a charger, it could be that the business has done too many drops due to water damage or an old device (happened!)

  My battery runs out quickly.

  If you're having battery issues, it might be time to take a look at things that can affect battery life. To prevent the phone from shutting down during a call, try:

  Limit how often you use your phone. If you have an app that lets you know when someone is calling or texting, turn it off unless absolutely necessary for the task at hand (like driving).

  Charge before departure, and try not to use power-hungry apps while charging!

  Turn your phone off when you're not using it: This one can save power by saving power and ensuring it doesn't drain directly when you're not using it.

  Ask an expert if there is a way to be more productive; they might know a little something about how cell phones work that might help you work longer!

  My phone restarted for no reason.

  If your phone restarts for no reason, it may be overheating. You can use an app called No Heat Lock Screen to check if your phone is overheating. This app will show the temperature of your device and let you know if the device is operating at unusually high temperatures. If this happens, be sure to suspend use of the device so it can cool down a bit (try not to charge it while you're using it).