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What does fretting interference technology specifically mean?

What is the specific connection between the fretting interference technology and the interference between jammers?

asked June. 22 '20 at 08:15


Tony Parker, commissioner of the Nashville-Tennessee Department of Justice, called it one of the biggest security risks in prisons today and called for action against smuggling calls. In a recent report from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Commissioner Parker’s recent call came from the hill, citing that micro-jammer technology effectively blocked illegal cell phone signals in prison.

The NTIA report provides detailed information on the results of a pilot trial of micro-interference technology conducted by the Ministry of Justice/Federal Prison Office of Micro-jammer Technology at South Carolina State Prison. Parker said: "The pilot program is a clear example of the available interference technology tested in the actual correction environment. The result will make illegal mobile phones in Tennessee prisons unusable without destroying legitimate communication equipment outside the target area. "

Illegal cell phones in prisons have been used to promote illegal activities, from drug smuggling networks to fueling attacks and escapes. In 2005, a smuggled cell phone was used to escape, resulting in the murder of Wayne "Cotton" Morgan, a Tennessee law enforcement officer. Over the years, the disciplinary industry has repeatedly required permission to use "portable jammer" technology to disable cell phones in prisons. In 2018, the representatives of Senators Ken Jager (R-Kingston) and William Lambert (R-Portland) passed a resolution at the Tennessee Assembly calling on the Federal Communications Commission to support the prison in Tennessee Interference technology.

Parker said: "Without exceptions, we kicked it out for a variety of reasons." The only solution to the correction is to manage access to the system, which has been repeatedly proven to be unreliable and very expensive. Other technologies such as wands and cell phone detectors present many challenges in the calibration environment. Parker said: "Now is the time to promote the development of micro-interference technology." "All other technologies designed to help law enforcement officers deal with the threats posed by illegal mobile phones have failed, and now is the time to raise public safety concerns." First. "