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Ways to interfere with GPS tracking on iPhone

Perfectjammer 2022/09/01

  The iPhone is a great tool for keeping track of things. It lets you keep tabs on your loved ones, monitor the location of your kids, and even help you find your way around the city if you get lost. But what if someone else (such as a stalker or abuser) uses this location data to find you? If this happens to you, there are a few things you can do to interfere with GPS tracking on your iPhone. I'll discuss three different options here: disable location services entirely; switch to airplane mode; and modify individual apps' settings so they don't

Ways to interfere with GPS tracking on iPhone

  1. The first step is to turn off your location technology service.

  The first step is to turn off location services. This will prevent apps from knowing your location and help reduce the amount of tracking that occurs. To do this, go to settings, privacy, location services and turn it off.

  Location services are enabled by default on iPhones, so this is an important step if you want to interfere with GPS tracking on your device.

  2. Another option is to switch to airplane mode.

  Another option is to switch to flight management mode.

  Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  Turn off cellular data

  Turn off location services

  Disable background app refresh (but keep notifications enabled)

  This will prevent your phone from receiving any signal and prevent others from tracking you using GPS.

  3. You can also change each app's settings to not use your location.

  If you want to change the settings for each student application, you can go directly to Settings > Privacy > Rental Management Services. You'll see a list of all the apps you're using with your location's data. Turn off the switch next to each.

  If you have an iPhone and it doesn't work, another option might help:

  Go back to your privacy settings and tap Location Services again. This time click on System Services and make sure they are enabled.

  For iOS users, you can still use some workarounds to hide your cellular data from prying eyes.

  GPS jammers tracking is used for many different things; your auto insurance company doesn't just use it to tell you how fast you're driving. Employers also use it to monitor employee activity and even search history on their phones.

  GPS tracking has become so common that Google Maps now also offers turn-by-turn navigation using GPS instead of Wi-Fi. So if someone can find your location in real time using a simple app like Find My Friends, imagine other people can do this technology!