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More cost-effective gps signal jammers can only block 2G or 3G signals


  Today's economic development has become faster and faster, the most notable is the development of high-tech. It is inevitable that the 4G era will replace the previous 3G and 2G. Now that 4G is still not hot, 5G has emerged again. However, at this stage or 4G signal as the main existence. Therefore, can the drop in the exam room block the 4G signal? This is a very important problem. In fact, at this stage, the latest test room 88 on the market is basically a standard configuration to upgrade and shield the 4G signal. However, some of the more cost-effective test room mobile phone signal jammers gps on the market at this stage can only block 2G or 3G signals. In fact, a long time ago, the communication industry has discussed the importance of devices such as mobile phone jammers gps. If my country can control the frequency band of wireless communication, many plans can be used to improve the stability of signal jammer gps. For example, we can turn off the communication base station during the college entrance examination period, so that the mobile phone has no signal reception road bridge, blocking the communication service. However, the difficulty of this strategy is that it will also block the communication services of other employees in the short term, and it is necessary to fully consider the general hazards.

drone interception system

  Now many people have seen a strange machine in the high school and high school exams in major schools. It turned out to be , a device installed by the examination room in order to cope with the frequent occurrence of electronic cheating. With With its help, it can maintain the stable order of the examination room, completely put an end to such bad things as cheating, and also help candidates to deal with the examination more attentively, but many people also have new doubts about this, and electronic cheating means various There are various types, but they are not the same. We need to know that the current electronic cheating methods are similar, that is, no matter what method they use to cheat, they all need to send and receive information in the examination room. However, this behavior requires It is carried out in an environment with communication signals, and because 88 has blocked the communication signals, they naturally cannot cheat. Frequent visitors", more and more test centers have vigorously promoted and used this equipment.

  Prison used in prisons is different from cell phone jammers used in conference rooms, theaters and examination rooms, because the prison signal GPS jammers running in prisons need to run continuously for 24 hours, which requires it to have a fairly high reliability. Then the regional environment in the prison is more complicated than the environment of conference rooms, theaters, and examination rooms. Therefore, when installing the prison 88 , it is necessary to fully consider the comprehensive layout of the entire prison to facilitate uniform distribution of shielded signals. At the same time, when installing the prison signal jammer, it is necessary not only to measure the construction accurately, but also to formulate a reasonable construction plan to ensure that the least number of machines are used and the easiest maintenance, and the later maintenance of the entire prison should be considered as a unified consideration.

  As a new technology electronic device, smart phone is very popular in today's society and is the main trend of social development. Most young people, unscientific use of it causes a lot of problems, so why use mobile phones and why ban it? What to prevent? You can use to prevent these problems, and cell phone jammers gps will be applied to national key vocational qualification exams. There is no doubt that mobile phones have already undergone tremendous changes in our daily lives. Using cell phones we can communicate with each other more easily. We can buy or sell goods using our mobile phones. It's almost established that you can't live without your phone right now. But sometimes, if you're with good friends, relatives, you're at the main church, if you're working on your homework, you don't have to call. Thus, cell phone jammers gps can now become an effective dedicated tool when cell phones are banned. So can we apply cell phone jammers gps precisely?

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