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The network frequency band used by the gps mobile phone is the commonly used transmission frequency

Perfectjammer 2022/10/13

  Obviously, the farther the mobile phone jammer is from the communication base station, the weaker the magnetic field strength and the greater the impact radius, and vice versa. The signal jammer will lose its jamming ability if it is especially close to the communication base station. Because the network frequency band used by mobile phones is commonly used, the manufacturer feels that the transmission frequency of the conference hall completely falls within the frequency band specified by the state for mobile phone work, so it is not harmful to other electronic products such as TV sets and tape recorders. At the same time, 88 only affects the BCH sent by the communication base station accepted by the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot get in touch with the communication base station, so it does not bring other harm to the mobile phone. Secondly, although the strength of the signal magnetic field it transmits is stronger than that of BCH, it is far higher than the electromagnetic wave radiation field brought by the mobile phone voice call according to the detection, so it is not easy to cause damage to the body, and it can be used safely for a long time.

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  In the past, was used to avoid cheating during the exam period. This time, the school leaders used it to prevent students from going online during the teaching period, which is of great significance to ensure the teaching level. Survey data shows that 80% of students use mobile phones to access the Internet during their study period. The school leaders expect to limit the management of online behavior according to this method, and also expect to reduce students' reliance on mobile phones to a certain level, so that students can study seriously. However, it is also necessary to consider the timing switch of 88 , the scope of application, etc., to prevent harm to the normal use of mobile phone voice calls outside classroom teaching. The school leaders actively promote new methods and grasp the disciplined personal behavior of classroom teaching. There is no doubt that everyone will find a truly efficient way to promote the development of students.

  There are various types of on the sales market, and all kinds of equipment are available. Prices are also high and low. Perhaps you have ordered a low-priced device on a service platform that is worthless when applied. In fact, the purchase of 88 is not a matter of its price, because the key consumer purchase is to be practical, otherwise the useless equipment is considered a friendship, and the customer purchase has no specific effect in the past. When choosing a cell phone signal jammer, you just need to know exactly what level you use, and tell your needs to the electronics professional marketing operations specialist who sells cell phone GPS jammers, and he will give you a detailed introduction. A style that fits you is highly recommended so you are unlikely to be disappointed.

  Nowadays, there are many mobile phone signal frequency bands on the market. It is necessary to select the module according to the frequency band of the existing network. If a new network environment occurs, a new module needs to be added, which will cause various problems in operation. However, if a product that supports full-screen segment shielding of pseudo base station is supported, the volume will be very large and the power consumption will be very high. Every year, July is a special day. In this month, every student is working hard to realize their dreams, that is, the college entrance examination and the senior high school entrance examination. At this time, major operators will issue a notice to ensure that the signal around the school is not unblocked. Interruption, considering that the parents will schedule candidates to enter the test center, the staff has tested the software and hardware of the base station in the parents' rest area to ensure the communication needs of parents in the rest area during the test. In the examination room is another scene, the staff is actively organizing the installation of the examination room . During the examination every year, the school will shut down all communication base stations in the examination room for the fairness and fairness of the examination room to prevent candidates from cheating by using high-tech equipment. At the same time, mobile phone signal jammers gps will be installed inside and outside the examination room to block some channels for transmitting information by special means, so as to bring candidates a truly fair and honest examination room.