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What is the use of car gps navigation system?


  The method of using GPS navigation system is very simple. The following is an example of Volkswagen. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Start the vehicle and open the central display screen of the vehicle when the vehicle is stationary.

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  2. Click the “map“ button to enter the map, and then select the “Navigation“ menu. 3. Enter the “Navigation“ page, input the origin and destination as prompted, click “Start“ navigation, the car gps navigation system can start to work normally. Note: 1. After entering the origin and destination, you can choose three different path schemes, which are “shortest distance“, “shortest time“ and “least cost“. 2, some models are also set with the “home“ button, through the preset home location, by clicking the “home“ button to achieve a key home navigation function.

  Requirements for navigation use: 1, in the setting of navigation, to stop the vehicle before setting. If the navigation is set in the vehicle running, it will produce certain safety hazards. 2, try not to put mobile phones and other electronic products in the central control display area, to prevent signal interference. 3. When installing navigation, we must go to the regular auto supplies store to install regular products to prevent quality problems in the future.

  When you want to block the navigation system, typically, the user inserts the jammer into the cigarette lighter and places the device close enough to the GPS tracker to jam the GPS satellite signal. Once powered up, they are fully operational in less than 20 seconds. The relatively low power and fast start time allow the jammer to be used only when needed. These GPS jammers can be purchased cheaply from our online store.

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