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Do you need install gps to buy car by installment?


  Do you need to install gps to buy a car by installment?

Loans to buy a car without a mandatory requirement to install GPS:

Lojack Jammer

  1. The addition of GPS said by the dealer staff is required by the bank to seek benefits. Under the guise of the bank, they are forced to sell GPS at a high price;

2. If the dealer forces the consumer to buy the GPS positioning system, it is suspected of forcing the sale, which is an illegal act;

  3. However, there are certain risks in lending and selling cars. In order to ensure that consumers can know the movement of vehicles at any time, some cooperative banks require consumers to buy GPS devices but do not make mandatory requirements.

  You know the novel coronavirus pneumonia, in special times, there is no doubt that online shopping will be the best way to buy life necessities. Check out the GPS signal jammer at and it will solve your problem. Coupled with a GPS jammers, it will cut off the GPS signal within the effective blocking radius. It‘s the perfect countersurveillance device!

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