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Not everyone can install a mobile gps jammer


  In order to better complete the quality of the examination, many institutions have already gradually prepared the examination room on time. In the whole process of preparing for the examination room, there is a very important thing, that is, the installation of the examination room. However, installing a cell phone jammer is not something that everyone can do. So, what must be paid attention to in the installation of 88 in the examination room? In fact, the installation itself will continue to be very simple, but many small attitudes before the installation determine the actual effect of the application of the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination afterwards.For example, the natural environment around the installation site. There are also installed aspect ratios.

  Nowadays, social class stratification is becoming more and more serious, and the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing year by year. Even if the children of wealthy families do not study well, they can find a good job after graduation, or inherit the family business. But what should the children of the poor do? There is only one way to make the children of the poor rich. If the children of the poor want to be successful, they must study hard and be admitted to excellent colleges, so that they will have a chance to succeed in the future. But can the children of the poor and the rich really have a fair test in the examination room? really can bring fairness?

Trolley box type UAV countermeasure system

  Everyone seems to have a lot of reasons to use it reasonably and legally, portable, not to harm others. If you are hurt by others, you can of course complain about the merchandise. Make sure that before you do that, the front row is intentional but not unintentional, and consider whether you actually get hurt, or maybe, just probable. If this happens to you, you'll have a portable overdrive 88 . Since the ubiquity of smartphones, the situation where only mobile phone jammers are used has happened one after another. Clients' academic qualifications are so varied, that's why some people have a good knowledge of mobile phone etiquette, and many others speak out about their personal, technical or general business activities in public, driving everyone around to listen, such as in Trains, subway stations, buses, grocery stores, large shopping malls and coffee shops, you may see people using their mobile phones all the time, and chatting in all areas with mobile phone customers. All of this has caused some people to send their belongings into their own hands - portable cell phone GPS jammers. Just put it in the wallet, the smartphone can be turned off with the turn of the button, and it can never be connected again just by having the phone jammer activated. So, loud bastards must avoid the source.

  First of all, you must understand the basic functions of the shielding mobile phone signal meter. During work, a wireless signal that specifically interferes with mobile phone signals will be sent. Then, various problems will be encountered during transmission over long distances, resulting in signal degradation, such as the original reinforced concrete road obstructions, There are different degrees of error in the wood block, etc. For example, reinforced concrete smoke shielding can basically completely attenuate the shielding device of the mobile phone signal, and the shielding device usually bypasses the shield. After all, the mobile phone signal jammer cannot penetrate too thick walls. And there are many different materials that have different degrees of attenuation for shielding mobile phone signal equipment. For example, if the wall is made of wood, the attenuation will be lower, and other materials such as glass, plaster, and boxes will have lower attenuation. , and some shielding mobile phone signal equipment will have a certain impact on the equipment through the direct and reflection of doors and windows, so people have the illusion of penetrating ability.

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