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Gps jammer will produce a lot of harmful effects on gps signals in the frequency band

Perfectjammer 2022/10/13

  It should be understood that Once applied, it will cause a large number of harmful influence signals in the mobile phone signal frequency band, and the generated influence signals can not only disconnect the mobile phone from the communication base station, but also cause a large carrier wave to the nearby mobile phone communication base stations. Influence. If the communication base station signal is affected, all mobile phone customers in the vicinity of the communication base station will be damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, the idea of ​​using 88 to only block the hall signal is the main manifestation of the lack of basic knowledge in the end. It is not difficult to see that the unauthorized installation and application of cell phone signal jammer gps by schools and general enterprises for any reason is a violation of discipline! Non-confidential enterprises, schools, institutions and institutions block other people's mobile phone signals, which belong to violations of discipline. All enterprises and themselves must not own and use blockers.

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  Communication equipment of electronic devices relies on wireless data signals to transmit data. Every year, the radio management unit will control the wireless information content of the old factory from the surrounding area, which is to ensure the security of the old factory's wireless data signal, but at the same time it does not. Can jeopardize the normal communication of residents with all border residents. In recent years, technical equipment has been continuously updated across the country to discourage cheating in exams. Facial recognition and fingerprint recognition system software refers to vein authentication used to avoid proxy exams, and even some news and social data in China are connected within China to avoid some people posting questions and answers based on social media. To avoid the spread of the wifi network, we cooperate with each other during the network. If we had the weapons to tackle exams, we wouldn't need such a big move that jeopardizes our day-to-day work and life.

  The size of the shielding category you see can be found in the operating instructions attached to the exam , but this data information is a laboratory data information, for reference only, and specific applications should be divided into different situations. First of all, whether there is a communication base station about 500 meters in the surrounding area is one of the reasons for the damage to the shielding range, and the damage caused by the distance is different depending on the length of the distance. Pay attention to this, and secondly, mobile phone GPS jammers are not allowed. Penetrating, which will greatly reduce the actual effect of its shielding, and metal objects will also directly affect the actual effect of its shielding. Although having these types of problems will directly affect the actual effect of the exam 88 , it is still the most effective way to avoid fraudulent electronic devices. For the price, there are technical professional quality and preferential price equipment, and many years of development work experience can be trusted. I hope the masses will come and cooperate.

  Nowadays, there are more and more places where is used, but most people don’t know how it works, and they mistakenly think that the higher the output power of the mobile phone signal jammer, the better the jamming effect, but this is not the case. For example, in an indoor space of about 300-600 square meters, choose a mobile phone signal jammer that can interfere with about 800 square meters. In fact, you don't need to choose such a big one, it's not that the bigger the power, the better. The output power of the mobile phone signal jammer is always within a safe range. When some customers start the signal jammer, the mobile phone still shows that there is a signal, but the mobile phone cannot make a call, but some do not display the mobile phone signal. Text out. In my opinion, the closer to the signal has been shielded, and the farther is not shielded. When encountering this kind of equipment, special attention should be paid to it. It may be that the function of the equipment is attenuated.