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You can't do without your cell phone


I firmly believe that you are inseparable from mobile phones

  The increasingly improved base stations around the world and the promotion and application of mobile phones in the world have greatly promoted the overall development trend of politics, economic development, national defense, high-tech culture and other fields around the world. The mobile phone marked with the management of social development has gradually become one of the indispensable devices for everyone's daily life and work. A base station is a communication signal transfer station in mobile communication technology. Without a base station, there is no voice call in the middle of the mobile phone, so you cannot chat on WeChat, order food online, pay electricity bills, and buy things... Life provides convenience and speed. It seems that it is really bad to have no base stations. When the signal between base stations is stronger, is difficult to block. At this point, the power 88 must be able to shield the signal. When the signal between the base stations is far and poor, the transmit power of the cell phone signal jammer does not need to be very large. At this time, the shielding distance is relatively far.

  With the continuous progress and popularization of mobile communication tools such as mobile phones, the technical strength of my mobile communication technology has continued to improve, especially after the promotion and use of 3G and 4G technology, targeting cells such as prisons, detention centers, detention centers, compulsory The effect of negative information in similar areas such as drug rehabilitation centers is more prominent. In prisons, detention centers and other supervision places, special mobile communication tools such as 88 are completely banned, not only for criminals, but also for security supervision staff. Once the mobile phone is brought to the prison and put into use, it may cause great harm to the management method, security, and development trend of the prison. Some prisoners use illegally trafficked mobile phones to make calls in their cells, send messages, obtain materials, threaten witnesses, and even form gangs and Apple institutions to escape from prisons. It is precisely because of this that the installation of in cells and other cell sites is urgent. s level!

  Portable jammer is an excellent cell phone jammer that can reasonably block the signal in use, and this type of portable is not expensive. The portable jammer is very important, and the jammer is not easy to affect the work of all other electrical or electronic devices around it. This feature of the portable shield makes it easy to apply without any limitations. In addition, the portable 88 is convenient to carry and use. Therefore, it is your own satisfactory choice, and portable GPS jammers have different specifications and specifications. In addition to this, there are also 4G blockers, which block all cell phone signals originating from anywhere in the world. A particularly effective and intricate piece of machinery is a 4G blocker, a fully functional piece of machinery capable of blocking signals up to 20 meters away. Able to use the battery and power adapter to actually operate the 4G shield. Therefore, the 4G jammer can be used indoors and outdoors. In other words, the advantage of this type of shield depends on being able to choose where to install it. 4G shielding device is a more convenient shielding device.

Newest Cell Phone jammer

  At this stage, there are many kinds of jammers gps on the market, with different signal strengths, interference frequency bands, and coverage areas. Especially in some "three-no" products, the quality is not smooth, the transmission index value is poor, and the microwave radio frequency module is not divided into segments. Manipulation, the uplink and downlink frequencies interfere together. Through the specific detection and mastery of the performance indicators of various mobile phone signal jammers gps, According to the performance indicators, it can be divided into three categories, one is a single wireless channel jammer with low output power, the signal strength is about 1 watt, and the interference range is several meters to several meters. Ten meters; the other type is a small output power multi-wireless channel mobile phone signal jammer, the signal strength of the stand-alone version is 5-10 watts, the signal strength of each wireless channel is 1-5 watts, and the shielding range is several meters to tens of meters; the third type is High-power or ultra-high-power jammers gps are generally dedicated to special industries, such as dedicated jammers gps for public security organs and judicial departments. The output power varies from tens of watts to hundreds of tens of watts. Not only a single wireless channel, but also many wireless channel.

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