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How to stop the hidden spy module in modern gadgets?

Hi! I heard that the recent G20 summit in Russia brought a new spy. They said that Russia made some gifts to the participants, such as USB hubs and flash drives. The German Secret Service inspected these devices and found that they had some hardware monitoring modules installed. Such gadgets are more frequent. They are all from China. How to protect yourself from those spyware modules.

2020-10-11 at 10:30


Before that, everyone knows that these devices will be inspected accordingly, especially in the context of NSA spies. It may use Wi-Fi protocol loopholes to crack the closest data. The USB device may try to use the host's Internet connection, but this method is not so transparent. If both devices are configured correctly, they will be detected by the antivirus and firewall. The weakest place here is Wi-Fi, so please make sure your local wireless network is safe. The best way to avoid these threats is to avoid using these gadgets, but if this is not possible, you can try to block these wireless connections yourself. In this case, you will need a simple wifi jammer device. This will ensure that your data will not be stolen. The other side of this solution is that the Wi-Fi network around you is interrupted, so the decision is all up to you.