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How to remove the mortgage car gps clean


  General people in order to avoid the car GPS locator was found, will try to put the GPS locator installed or placed in some relatively hidden position, such as the front and rear bumper near the engine, front and rear wheels, the car‘s interior, etc, should be carefully checked one by one.

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  Mortgage vehicles in the process of normal use is not removed GPS devices, secretly dismantling will affect the normal use of the vehicle, lenders will contact the buyer, the vehicle reinstall, motor vehicle loans have finished before the vehicle loans is the ownership of the company, all is not a personal, vehicle registration certificate, the owner is the name of loan companies, Only after the loan of motor vehicle is fully repaid, the mortgage vehicle can be owned by individuals.

  After the mortgage of motor vehicles is completed, the vehicle can go through ownership transfer procedures, and challenge all the people to have motor vehicle registration certificate, Gps system will be invalid, if not disassembled, it will not affect the use.It is necessary to disassemble all parts of motor vehicles to exclude gps.

  At present, most of the GPS locator on the market is still connected to the line, the need to connect the car power line to provide power, so to find out the installed car GPS locator, along the power line of the car slowly search is also a good way.www.perfectjammer.com will provide you with powerful GPS jammers that will make hidden GPS tracking devices or spies unable to work.

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