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Manufacturers with high price 5G Jammer equipment can manufacture it


  Although the size of the shielding range we have seen can be found in the instruction manual attached to , this data is a laboratory data and is for reference only, and the actual use depends on different situations. First of all, there is no base station within 500 meters nearby, which is one of the reasons that affects the shielding range, and the impact is different according to the length of the distance. Pay attention to this. Secondly, 88 cannot pass through walls, which will cause Its shielding effect is greatly reduced, and metal objects will also affect his shielding effect. Although these kinds of problems will affect the effect of the mobile phone signal jammer in the exam, it is still the most effective helper to eliminate electronic cheating, so those who choose a mobile phone jammer are welcome to come to our website for the price of the mobile phone jammer, here are the Professional quality and preferential price machines, many years of research and development experience are trustworthy, and we look forward to the presence and cooperation of our customers.

  The school leaders responded that the school installed decorations in the classroom on Sundays, including more than three, "Only the screen medicine device is turned on during the use period, which is convenient to avoid the situation of some students playing mobile phones in silence. Standards to ensure rationality and fairness." She said that the school does not encourage students to bring mobile phones under normal circumstances, and also requires that mobile phones cannot be used for campus and classroom teaching time. Cultural education is committed to promoting the implementation of teaching goals. "Playing mobile phones and games in the classroom will seriously harm the teaching objectives. The installation of 88 in the classroom can end this practice and allow cultural education to return to formality. I personally apply it." He felt that students should not be fully prepared for civil affairs. Behavior, now the school bears the image of a legal guardian, in order to better safeguard the common interests of the students, the students can suspend part of the control over the grass.

Wireless network radio waves have different operating frequency bands

   Different frequency bands have different main uses stipulated by the state, some are for military use, and some are for civilian use. The 2G/3G/4G/5G network frequency bands of civil communication operators are all required by telecom network units. Both mobile phones and communication base stations communicate on the Internet only on the specified frequency band. Therefore, this time the reason may be that 5G applied a new frequency band, so it was not blocked. And for such a situation, it is not necessarily all 5G pots. There will be no 5G shielding equipment. Only one manufacturer can manufacture it, and the price is very high. All the new shielding system software is SDR, including overseas frequency bands, which can be shielded. There are other technical problems. Second, the information management system related to the college entrance examination in our province is generally upgraded every 5 years. Provinces with problems are likely to have not reached the upgrade cycle time, so is used, and 5G is not shielded. Due to the cdma frequency hopping technology in the early stage, some 88 It is very likely to block the 3G Internet that cannot access the telecom network. In addition, many mobile phone signal GPS jammers cannot completely block the mobile phone Bluetooth signal, because mobile phone Bluetooth is also a frequency hopping technology.

Cell Phone Signal Jammer

  We all over the world are increasingly busy with our jobs, and since most of our jobs are related to different financially themed activities, most of us have little to no protection from the daily tasks that they work on every day. As he felt more and more about the job, so did his responsibilities. Because he is more and more involved in his own work, he gets very little time. As a result, he is tired and is often with relatives, and he is disturbed by smartphones and ringtones. This device has now become a hazard because it leaves everyone without their own time.

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