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    How to disrupt cell phone signal?

    I can't stand people talking on the phone in public any more. Every day I can hear all kinds of loud calls. Like a woman talking about her cosmetics. Or a lady talking about her family's menu tonight. So I want to know how to block cell phone signals? I need to be quiet

    2018-06-10 Sibyl Jordan

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    Can I buy a cell phone jammer in the US?

    I learned on the Internet that there is something called a cell phone jammer. I am very interested in this kind of products and would like to know can I buy this kind of equipment in US.

    2018-06-10 Gilbert Robeson

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    Can teachers use cell phone jammers?

    I'm a techer. Although I know that using mobile phones can help students learn more knowledge. But I still can't stand it when students use mobile phones to chat or surf social software in class. I've heard that there's a device called a cell phone signal jammer that can jam cell phone signals. Can I buy and use it?

    2018-06-07 Nora Zechariah

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    What is the use of mobile jammer?

    Although I've heard about cell phone signal jammers for a long time, and this device has been mentioned more and more in recent years. But I don't know what the uses of such devices is.

    2018-06-07 Elva Noah

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