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What is the use of setting up WiFi jammers in public places?

Many hotels now set up WiFi jammers in public places to prevent malicious destruction by some people?



In the past, signal jammers were mainly used by companies that wanted to protect their company secrets or customer information. Data leaks caused by hacker attacks can lead to serious public relations scandals. Therefore, jammers can help these companies ensure that no one other than authorized parties can access this information. However, many people now need wifi jammer. Suppose you deal with sensitive data and travel frequently away from home. When you set up a computer in a hotel or public place, you are vulnerable to data leakage. Mobile jammers help ensure that you can surf the Internet safely while in this public place. However, you do not need to carry sensitive information to use the wifi jammer. We recommend this device to anyone who feels more comfortable with obstacles between themselves and the rest of the world.