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cell phone jammer creates a harmonious and relaxed examination atmosphere

Perfectjammer 2021-01-07

phone signal jammers

On the afternoon of June 6, Vice Mayor Wu Jun led the heads of education, confidentiality, public security, industry and information, sanitation, environmental protection, law enforcement, power supply and other departments to the Weibin Middle School examination center in the urban area to inspect the preparation for college entrance examination. Wu Jun said that the Baoji Municipal Government attaches great importance to the work of college entrance examinations, and he requires relevant examination-related departments to ensure examination safety, grasp key links, strengthen public opinion monitoring, fully implement responsibilities, and create a harmonious and relaxed examination atmosphere.

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   On the same day, Deputy Mayor Wu Jun inspected the Weibin Middle School's network monitoring center, examination affairs office, broadcasting room and other places, and checked the situation of each examination room through the network center. In particular, he listened carefully and spoke highly of the clarity of the voice broadcast during the simulated English listening trial.

   It is understood that in order to ensure the safety of examinations, in late May, the education departments of cities, counties and districts successively organized and carried out three-level and four-level training for examination work. Nearly 5,000 educators in the city have undergone rigorous training and assessment, and signed a letter of responsibility level by level, actively participating in the organization and management of the college entrance examination and service guarantee. The Municipal Education Bureau organized 7 inspection teams, and dispatched more than 100 inspectors at the provincial, municipal and county levels to each examination area to comprehensively strengthen the supervision and inspection of the entire examination process.

   There are 991 examination rooms, 36 examination affairs offices, 13 examination affairs command centers, and 12 test paper secret rooms in the city, all of which have realized the four-level network command of the ministry, province, city and county. The city is equipped with more than 600 mobile phone signal jammers and more than 1,200 metal detectors. Public security, industry and information technology, industry and commerce, radio management and other departments jointly launched the "four special operations" to strengthen the prevention and crackdown on violations of laws and disciplines involving examinations.

   to ensure that the listening test does not trip or power off

   At the subsequent report meeting on the college entrance examination work in Baoji City, Wu Jun said that on the whole, various tasks have been put in place, especially security and confidentiality, examination supervision, public opinion monitoring, and emergency preparedness have been strengthened. He requested that the education and examination departments should strengthen their organization and management to ensure that all links are closely connected, the rules are clear, and the responsibilities are clear, without any ambiguity. Confidentiality, the public security department should appoint elite soldiers to assist in the confidentiality of test papers and ensure the absolute safety of test papers. Departments of transportation, health, industry and commerce, law enforcement, food and drug administration, etc. must improve emergency plans to ensure the personal safety of teachers and students. The electric power department should strengthen maintenance and repair, and prepare enough emergency power supply to ensure that there is no tripping or uninterrupted power during the listening test. Public security, communications, and radio management departments must strengthen technical detection and inspections, and deal with suspicious signals quickly and strictly.

   During the examination period, the environmental protection and law enforcement departments must act quickly to increase noise control on construction sites, barbecue stalls, and square dances, promptly discourage them, and strictly enforce the law. Public security traffic police must be on duty early to direct and divert the traffic around the test site. They must have diversion measures for controlled road sections. They must reserve green channels for test vehicles to create a harmonious and relaxed test atmosphere, so that candidates can take the test with peace of mind, so that parents and society can rest assured and satisfied.

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