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How to use GPS jammers to prevent car theft

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

With the development of economy and society, mortgage car has become a kind of automobile consumption. The original owners because of the need for money on the cheap mortgage of their own luxury cars, if later still fund turnover does not exceed the deadline, will lose the ownership of the vehicle. Mortgage agencies ultimately want money, not real goods, so they sell their cars. As a result, buyers of mortgaged cars have the opportunity to buy luxury cars at lower prices.

Of course, buying a mortgage car also has risks. In addition to the original car before whether out of trouble or accident lack of understanding, the biggest problem is to worry about the car is equipped with a tracker or said locator, if bought back to their own home a few days was found by the original owner secretly drive away, is not a big loss?

Similarly, mortgage agencies may worry about owners finding a place to park their cars and driving them away.

How to solve this problem? It's simple. Old drivers know it -- GPS signal jammer

When the GPS shield is installed on the vehicle and turned on, it will intercept the hidden trackers on the vehicle to send signals, so that others cannot locate the vehicle and find the specific location of the vehicle.

In addition, GPS signal shielding device has the difference between small handheld and large plug-in, which can shield the wifi signal and GPS signal, the difference lies in the length of working time, the distance of shielding distance, whether it can be charged or not.