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Hotel Blocking Cell Phone Service Protects Cell Phone Information

Perfectjammer 2022-03-04

What are the benefits of using Hotel Blocking Cell Phone Service in a conference room? Why use cell phone jammers in meetings? Mobile phones are used to transmit voice and data information in open electronic communication systems. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, the call information of a certain time, a certain place, and a certain person can be intercepted. Therefore, if the mobile phone information is stolen during the meeting, the loss will be very serious, so most governments or companies will use mobile phone signal jammers to block the mobile phone signal during the meeting. Cell phone jammers are used in examination rooms, detention centers, conference rooms and other occasions. Some local users report that the shielding effect is not ideal. In fact, these problems are not the cause of the Cell Phone Jammer itself. A cell phone jammer is a wireless jamming device that is directly related to the usage environment. Just like mobile phones, some places have good signal and some places have poor signal. The shielding device and the signal are the relationship between the spear and the shield. Strong signal shielding effect is poor, weak signal shielding effect is good. Therefore, the use environment of the mobile phone signal jammer is that there is no communication base station within 200 meters. If there is a communication base station nearby, the number of cell phone jammers must be increased to cancel the signal of the communication base station.

How many meters a cell phone signal jammer can block is not only related to its own transmission power, but also to the distance between base stations in the environment (the base station is not limited to the construction of large transmission towers on the ground, but also buildings). The signal expansion antenna on the top and the signal expansion and distribution in some buildings), another important factor is the obstacle, if it is a metal material, it will be blocked directly; if it is a solid wall of reinforced concrete, the attenuation after penetration will be small Some. 10 times; if it is made of wood or glass, the attenuation after penetration is relatively small. So next time a customer asks how many meters the shielding distance is, be sure to ask the distance between base stations in the environment, whether it is used indoors or outdoors, whether it needs to pass through walls, etc. Customers can contact us about the use of Hotel Blocking Cell Phone Service . Only by knowing these can you choose the right cell phone signal jammer.