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The jammer can control the signal

Perfectjammer 2020-07-04

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In the past two or three years, with the gradual growth of the mobile phone shielding market, the types of mobile phone shielding products in the entire mobile phone industry are endless. In the current market, mobile phone jammer products are called: signal interference phones, mobile phone jammers, jammers, and mobile phone protection equipment. In fact, these are the same products and have the same function, that is, a single electronic device is basically each electronic device. Can work on multiple communication bands, including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WIFI, 4G PHS and even 3G. Shielding systems in smartphones, smartphone protection systems, alarm systems, mobile phones, in fact, these are basically headlines, to be marketed: there are some so-called OEM manufacturers or OEM manufacturers' advertising practices are as follows, frequency changes, products The type or product name deliberately picks something from the original product representative, so that the user has a new idea or the product has many improvements.

We have continued to believe that 4G mobile phone portable jammer are separate shielding products and cannot be called protection systems. Protection products that can use multiple protection systems for centralized control can be integrated together to provide highly centralized shielding control system formation products. Developed a series of screen management systems for smartphones, which were first opened to the domestic industry. Based on the strength of long-term solutions, intelligent management technology integration (220V/110V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz) to support the transmission of control signals, installed in remote control equipment The use of multiple units (usually more than 10) on the computer signal interference, mobile phone jammer can achieve point control, group control, total control, can periodically check and plan each plan can be automatically queried, automatic alarm will automatically request phone interference Device or logo, etc.

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