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GPS jammer blocks GPS signals in a large area

Perfectjammer 2020-12-12

Since 2006, the Federal Network Agency has been studying online platforms that can provide illegal gps jammer. This is about equipment in the radio zone B. Cellular (GSM), GPS, WLAN or radio-based alarm systems may be interfered.

This signal jammer is repeatedly used in criminal offences. The offender tries z. B. Overcome the anti-theft system in shoplifting. Door locks are also increasingly being manipulated by jammers to open the vehicle and steal objects from the vehicle. If the entire vehicle is stolen, the thief will use GPS jammers to block GPS signals in a large area. Therefore, the positioning system used for vehicle positioning is usually unable to show the position of the truck or car to the fleet operator at any time, so it cannot be used.

Illegal sales of GPS jammers may result in court orders for searches, blocking offers and sensitive fines on Internet platforms. In addition to sales, private or company manipulation of jammers is also prohibited in the United States and Japan throughout Europe. However, anyone who brings GPS blocking programs into traffic is not correct in Germany. The fine may be as high as 50,000 euros.