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GPS jammers are long-distance signal killers

Perfectjammer 2020-12-12

The constant ringing of bells rang, and people used their phones loudly to shed half of their lives: MC* discovered that she had been tortured by train to Zurich in the morning. This lady found a way out on the Internet. She ordered a gps jammer from an online store for about 150 francs. In the purchase of mobile phone jamming transmitters sent out a strong signal-and block the mobile phone network within 10 meters. "This is great." MC said, because I put the device in my handbag, I can read my books with peace of mind. She is not the only one threatening commuters with seemingly inexplicable power failures: when SBB cancel When I got a quiet car, I even sold mobile phone killers on the Internet. Call. These are still cheaper than first-class GA travel cards.

By using jammers, thieves can prevent radio signals from activating the vehicle's central lock. This keeps the car open. If you use "interference" ("interference" in German) when the car breaks in, you will not pay for partial comprehensive insurance. Criminals use GPS jammers to suppress the lock signal sent by the car owner to the remote lock with the key. The car remains open. Only ensure forced entry, without opening the unlocked door. Theft from the car was also uninsured. Therefore, the Berliners were handed to the Berlin District Court (Az. 23 S 32/14) empty-handed. He hoped that his home insurance would replace something stolen from the car.

If the driver uses the radio remote control to lock the car in a public parking lot (for example, in front of a supermarket), the thief can interrupt the signal from the radio remote control to the car's central locking device, thereby preventing the car from being locked. When the unsuspecting owner leaves his vehicle, the thief can safely rob the vehicle. The police are aware of the intrusion of the jammer. According to the National Criminal Investigation Office, extra care should be taken in large parking lots (such as in front of supermarkets). The National Criminal Police Office recommends that you pay attention to the clicking sound after locking the vehicle by radio and perform control actions. In addition, no valuables are allowed in the car. "Cars are not safe."

According to the police, private possession of such transmitters is prohibited. But it is very possible to use such devices as jammers. However, they can be purchased at the counter or work in the building. The automatic jammer superimposes the radio signal from the key and prevents the vehicle from being locked. This error makes it possible to use a modified WLAN card in a PC to interfere with any wireless network by interfering with the data transmission frequency. As a result, WLAN devices can no longer communicate with each other, and as a result the network is paralyzed. All the attacker needs is a laptop with a WLAN card and some programming skills.

In home networks, still half of the problems can cause major problems for the company. WLAN is now used not only for wireless Internet access, but also for controlling critical systems such as railway lines or the energy industry. Failure there can have serious consequences. A destructive drone that has not set a good time or set it incorrectly at the wrong time, two passenger trains are competing with each other. Student Professor Mark Looi said: “Any organization that continues to use wireless technology to provide services for critical infrastructure may be considered at fault.” “Under no circumstances should this wireless technology be used in critical areas. , Because it may have serious consequences.” The researchers hope that their results will be presented today at the Wireless Telecommunications Symposium of the Institute of Electrical Engineers in California.