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The United States intends to use jammers to meet greater challenges

Perfectjammer 2020-06-30

GPS jammer

The Pentagon has mysteriously tested technology that can block large-scale GPS, and it is likely that this feature will also be used in the Nellis’ Red Flag 18-1 test and training area. Visual contact and distance can affect the way GPS users (especially other aircraft working outside the training area) are affected. They generally use portable jammers to keep people from perceiving their movements.

The fact that the Department of Defense will perform extensive GPS jamming operations in such high-end exercises further proves the seriousness of the threat posed by these new electronic warfare tactics. It is interesting to see if the US Air Force admits that the technology has actually been used for danger signals after the exercise is completed, but it is necessary to consider the loss of gps jammer in a large number of positioning, navigation and timing technology (PNT) battles. Such consultations that occur during military exercises may become more common in the next few years.

If what they are doing is interference, then if you get the timing information from the GPS receiver and your receiver is within the interference range, then you will get the timing information from the interference signal, so yes, but USAF _might _ Interfere with the correct timing information in the signal to reduce any side effects of exercise...

GPS jammer is denial of service. If the transmission medium is filled with a lot of noise, the digital signal processor cannot decode the effective value from the frequency band in which the carrier signal is being transmitted. If too much noise eclipses the entire signal, the real signature will be useless.

US military experts said that to limit the maximum exercise, the US military will receive GPS signals in the vicinity of the closed exercise field, which means that a large number of domestic civil aviation flights are serious, which also shows that the exercise is "real" from the side, or not to do Such a big sacrifice. The US military believes that in the battle with competitors, the country may interfere with GPS jammer technology, so it is willing to engage in the worst combat without GPS to show us its true strength.

GPS rejection is a major problem for US military planners. Companion countries, especially Russia, have used GPS spoofing and jamming strategies in various training activities to work near their borders. We have discussed this situation in detail before, and I suggest that you read this article to understand how much loss of reliable GPS data may cause the United States and its allies to overcome obstacles in such a huge war.

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