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Function and application of GPS jammer

Angelov Dimitar Y. September 19, 2020 10:30

About GPS jammers With the development of GPS satellite systems, it has brought some inconveniences, such as leaking privacy and bringing great convenience to users. To solve this problem, we have adopted advanced technology to develop high-tech products, such as GPS breakers. The product is active in many places. You can use this product to protect your whereabouts. Don't worry about being tracked.

GPS radio jammer function
1. You can prevent the positioning of the GPS satellite positioning system of cars and mobile phones.
2. Block GPS satellite signals. You can protect the privacy and confidentiality of your whereabouts.
3. The car jammer can be used for a long time.
4. Small size, light weight, wide covering range and easy to carry.
5. Interfere with GPS signals. You can use the smartphone normally. Classification of GPS radio suppression equipment Portable GPS mobile phone jammers and car GPS jammers are classified according to the type of charge. We separate professional GPS jammers from multi-functional gps jammer devices based on product functions. Professional GPS jammers have good blocking effects. The multifunctional GPS jammer can not only interfere with GPS signals, but also block CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / WIFI signals.

Where to apply
1. Prevent individuals from being tracked
2. Company trade secret location
3. Secret places such as government and state
4. Cars with GPS navigation.