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Cell phone jammer prevents signal reception

Perfectjammer 2020-12-12

Common mobile phone jammers will send their own signals to enhance the reception capabilities of smart phones and mobile phones. Mobile phone opponents can use mobile phone cell phone jammer to send out radio waves, thereby interfering with or preventing the reception of required GSM radio signals. Some models will not only interfere with the mobile phone network, but also the data network (WLAN) and GPS signals. People who hate mobile phones should not rub their hands prematurely. After all, there are provisions in German regulations that prohibit the use of mobile jammers.

The phone blocker will send out its own radio waves to interfere with reception.
According to the provisions of Article 55(1), sentence 1, TKG, if the frequency is to be used, it needs to be allocated.
The Federal Network Administration imposes a fine of up to several thousand euros for illegal use of cell phone jammers.
Such equipment will also be confiscated.
If the radio signal is interfered with by Handyjammer, it will not only disable the target device, but also destroy important communication options.
In particular, anyone who uses a transmitter to interfere with emergency calls, crimes or other security conflicts will face huge fines.
In addition, it is illegal to buy cell phone jammers in this country because many of these devices can not only manipulate cell phone signals but also the alarm system.

The entire European Union prohibits the use and trading of cell phone jammers. Anyone who wants to import such equipment will have trouble with the customs authorities. After all, people pay more attention to preventing the import of such interfering equipment. It is only used in exceptional circumstances, such as B. being held in prison. The Federal Network Administration also recommends that if there are any tips and clues that indicate the purchase and sale of mobile phone jammers, please contact the authorities directly.