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Cell phone jammers completely disrupt nearby mobile networks

Perfectjammer 2020-12-12

In the future, aircraft may also be divided into telephone areas and non-cellular areas. We already know what railway means. There, passengers can choose between a cell phone area and a carriage in a quiet area-at least if the train is not full, you must be happy to sit anywhere. The principle is actually very simple: the reception of the cell phone increases in the cell phone area, but not in the quiet area. Now, the railway also announced that it will further increase the number of mobile phone reception on ICE. Quiet areas should continue to be reserved. The little symbol there indicates that you don’t want to make a call: schemingly put your finger to your mouth. However, at least one person in an open car often fails to see these signs, and instead makes a loud call.

Since the signal reception capability of mobile phones has not been enhanced in the quiet area of ​​ICE, when the train passes through underserved areas, the call is often interrupted in the middle of the call. Then, everyone on the train can say the following monologue heartily: "Hello? Hello? Are you still there? I think the reception is not good at this moment, I will call you again!" Then start again. Sometimes it's worse in a quiet area than in a telephone box. On the street, the situation is getting worse. The irony is that in Germany, prohibiting the use of mobile phones on the steering wheel can cause the streets to become noisy areas for mobile phones. Since then, a large number of hands-free devices have made it possible. These hands-free devices have been incorporated into in-vehicle electronic equipment, and drivers are encouraged to make calls while driving.

Since the noise of your own vehicle or a car in the next lane will naturally interfere with comfortable conversation on the steering wheel, the speaker will be turned up to the stop position. But this means that cars waiting at traffic lights are particularly noisy and agitated, and so far, only tuned vehicles with bass music stations in the trunk can beat them. At this moment, many people may seriously consider buying a cell phone jammer, which can interrupt nearby cell phone calls with the push of a button. There is such a device. So-called cellular disablers, jammers or cell phone blockers can first be found in online stores of special providers of non-daily technologies (such as miniature cameras, directional microphones or bugs).

However, the use of interfering devices is not allowed in Germany-the Federal Network Administration, which oversees the German telephone market, refused approval. Authoritative sources said: "Mobile jammers are jamming transmitters. According to the German Telecommunications Law, such devices can neither receive frequency allocations nor receive device licenses." In fact, jamming devices may have negative effects. In addition to the necessary transmission power and related radiation, cell phone jammers are also designed to completely disrupt nearby mobile networks. Therefore, if a movie theater, theater or church achieves the required quietness with the help of technology, the doctor on duty in the room will no longer be able to be reached by mobile phone.