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Cell Phone That Blocks Voicemail

Rotaru Catalin 2021-10-25

Recently, Yancheng Mobile staff accompanied the Yancheng Dayang Police Station to search for 3 working " Cell Phone That Blocks Voicemail " in 3 warehouses in the standard factory building next to the railway station. So far, the mobile phone signal confusion in the area near the Yancheng railway station was finally solved. It is understood that before the Spring Festival of 2018, passengers traveling to and from the Yancheng Railway Station found that as long as they arrived near the railway station, their mobile phone signals would become weaker and unable to access the Internet, and sometimes there was no signal at all. A nearby resident told reporters that they sometimes encountered urgent problems at night but couldn't make a call, so they reported the situation to Yancheng Mobile. After receiving feedback from users, Yancheng Mobile immediately sent personnel to the site to conduct surveys and found that there have been hidden signal shielding sources in this area. As long as the strong mobile phone signal is close to this area, the radio signal will be inexplicably "sucked" away. The staff used technical means to investigate area by area, and finally locked the signal shielding source in a compound in the standard factory area. Yancheng Mobile immediately contacted the police to quickly solve the signal interference problem caused by the signal jammer. cell phone jammer

According to police investigations, this compound is a small loan company. Since there are more than a dozen cars with overdue mortgages parked in the rented warehouse, in order to prevent the original owner from "stealing" the vehicle through GPS positioning of the vehicle, it used it. Cell Phone That Blocks Voicemail To shield the GPS signal of the vehicle, thereby causing the effect of shielding the mobile phone signal of the train station and nearby residents. According to Article 28 of China's Public Security Penalty Law, it is an illegal act to install or erect a mobile phone jammer without authorization. Anyone who deliberately interferes with the normal operation of radio services or causes harmful interference to a normal operating radio station (station) can be punished by administrative detention if the circumstances are serious. It is understood that since 2017, Yancheng Mobile has actively joined forces with committees, public security and other units to carry out special operations against private mobile phone jammers. A total of 6 interference sources have been removed, 20 private mobile phone jammers have been removed, and 86 base stations that have eliminated interference. It has restored normal network usage for nearly 30,000 customers.