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Pron Blocking For Cell Phone

Holder Card 2022-01-15

According to reports, the Education Bureau of Huangpi District of Wuhan City issued a report on the fraud of the candidate Wu Moumou. The candidate Wu Moumou illegally brought a mobile phone into the examination room to take the test paper, and the invigilator was guilty of entry security check and invigilator dereliction of duty. The admissions office said in response to the incident that the candidate could upload the test questions on his mobile phone due to a loophole in the 5G signal shielding. A communication expert in the 5G field said that most of the design principles of Pron Blocking For Cell Phone are to interfere with the corresponding frequency of mobile phones and interrupt communication. It may be that cell phone jammer does not include the newly used 3.5GHz frequency band for 5G. However, many netizens have questioned that 5g should not carry this pot, and the biggest problem is that the mobile phone can be brought in and can take pictures.

In this regard, at 2 am on June 9, a college entrance examination candidate in Hubei Province cheated on his mobile phone on June 7. After the test was started, he used his mobile phone to take pictures and send the test questions. According to the report, the Ministry of Education immediately instructed Hubei Province to carry out an investigation immediately and deal with it seriously. After investigation, the candidate hid his mobile phone in the thin clothes he was holding when he entered the examination room for the security check, raised his hands high to avoid the security check, brought his mobile phone into the examination room illegally, and Pron Blocking For Cell Phone failed to stop the electronic products he brought. During the test, the mobile phone was hidden under the scratch paper to take the questions, and they were distributed to a training institution for answers on the 46th of the test. The candidate has admitted cheating. At present, all grades of the student have been cancelled, and will be dealt with severely in accordance with the "Measures for Handling Violations of National Education Examinations" to set an example. At the same time, the invigilators were replaced and the strength of invigilators was strengthened. The invigilators involved have been further investigated by the discipline inspection and supervision organs.