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Block A Number On A Cell Phone Verizon

Brown Martin 2021-10-23

Beijing time, December 11, 2008, when you go to the bank to handle the remittance business, the bank staff may patiently ask if you know the remittance recipient, the purpose of which is to prevent users from being scammed by phone calls and SMS. Of course, there are similar mobile phone fraud activities not only in China but also abroad. Japan is one of the countries plagued by mobile phone fraud. Criminals mainly choose middle-aged and elderly people as the main targets of fraud. Now Japanese banks have begun to install Block A Number On A Cell Phone Verizon next to ATMs in response to this situation, that is, at ATMs. Users around the cash machine will not be able to receive mobile phone signals, and at the same time, they will not be able to answer and make calls, thereby preventing mobile phone fraud to a certain extent. cell phone jammer

At present, Chiba Bank of Japan uses this device for the first time to improve the security of users' banking services. Although it is impossible to make or receive calls, the current scams are full of tricks. Block A Number On A Cell Phone Verizon It is still too early to say whether mobile phone scams can be eliminated.