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Can Wire Mesh Block Cell Phone Signal

Duvall William 2022-02-25

The demand for mobile phone jammers in the market is increasing. Among them, the Can Wire Mesh Block Cell Phone Signal system that appears in all kinds of exams is the one that everyone contacts the most, including the examination room of the high school entrance examination, the college entrance examination, the adult examination and the civil service examination. In the examination room, it is often noticed that the wireless signal is blocked. Popularity and role. In order to achieve the fairness of the test, all provinces and cities across the country will now choose to use cell phone jammer to block the signal in the test room during most of the test process. According to statistics from the Ministry of Education recently, there were 9.75 million candidates in 2018, ushering in the big test of life. Among them, there are 499,000 college entrance examination students in Anhui Province, and 55% of them are science students. In order to ensure the smooth progress of this year's college entrance examination in Anhui Province, during the examination period, publicity, public security, radio management, communications, confidentiality, Internet letter and other recruitment committees, and member departments and units of the joint examination work meeting will directly participate in or otherwise serve the college entrance examination. In order to strictly prevent candidates from cheating by using high-tech electronic equipment such as mobile phones and other high-tech electronic equipment, it has decided to no longer tolerate the behavior of illegals using radio equipment to cheat during the college entrance examination. Network and new radio monitoring equipment, the whole process of radio supervision of the college entrance examination. At the same time, in this year's college entrance examination in Anhui Province, some examination rooms will be equipped with mobile phone signal jammers for the first time after the second-generation ID card reader and metal detector to ensure that there is no communication signal in the examination room. In the previous simulated college entrance examination radio cheating site, the technicians of the joint security team dispatched mobile radio monitoring vehicles to monitor the examination room and its surrounding areas to find the location of the interference source of the cheaters and monitor whether there are suspicious signals. After discovering the suspected cheating signal, the technicians will activate the radio intelligent monitoring and warning system to technically block it.

Once the surrounding geography is complex and it is difficult to find the signal source in a short period of time, this radio intelligent monitoring and warning system can take various measures such as voice suppression, interference signal suppression, and background noise suppression for the cheating signal source, so that candidates in the examination room can listen to The answer is not transmitted outside the test room to the test room, and the fairness and impartiality of the test can be guaranteed in the shortest time. The technician of the Anhui Provincial Radio Management Agency said when introducing the function of the system. This application of Can Wire Mesh Block Cell Phone Signal can be described as very successful. The successful completion of the college entrance examination in 2018 is inseparable from the dedicated work of the Anhui Provincial Radio Administration, and it is also inseparable from high-quality anti-cheating tools. According to statistics, in 2018, Anhui Province dispatched 231 technicians, activated more than 190 fixed radio monitoring stations, and 210 sets of other various monitoring technology equipment for real-time monitoring in the radio security work of the college entrance examination in Anhui Province, which fully guaranteed the The 2018 college entrance examination went smoothly. "All of this is just for you, providing a safe atmosphere and creating a good environment!" said the relevant person in charge of the Anhui Provincial Education Enrollment Examination Institute. At present, the mobile phone jammer system used in the examination room is gradually developing and popularizing. It is believed that the mobile phone signal jammer will play a role in more occasions in the future. The development of mobile phones will definitely lead to the development of mobile phone signal jammers.