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Pepper Grinder Cell Phone Blocker

Massino Marius 2021-11-29

Communication function Mobile phone jammer is a kind of radio equipment used to interfere with wireless communication. It is also called a communication cell phone signal jammer or radio wave Pepper Grinder Cell Phone Blocker . In particular, it is often referred to as radio equipment that interferes with mobile phones or PHS communications. Blocking calls from mobile phones during the driver’s license test (departmental test) In order to prevent the use of mobile phones and other cheating behaviors during the test, we have set up experimental test stations to control mobile phones in the driver’s license test center department, as well as the effectiveness of anti-cheating measures and the effect of Impact. The purpose is to verify. This is the first time in Japan to set up an experimental test station to directly suppress communications such as mobile phones to prevent fraudulent activities during the test of the driver’s license test center. Chiba Bank introduced a device that can use mobile phones near ATMs (automated teller machines) as part of measures to prevent transfer fraud. Since the 10th, it has been installed on multiple ATMs. cell phone jammer

According to the National Police Agency, wire transfer fraud usually transfers funds to the account over the phone. Since July, the Japanese Bankers Association has been working hard to encourage people not to use mobile phones around ATMs. At Chiba Bank, "We have made progress in dealing with the damage caused by transfer fraud, but the damage is not immediately returned. The bank is a stage of crime, so we can use it safely and securely. I think it is necessary to take measures to To do this, "this time we launched a Pepper Grinder Cell Phone Blocker device (eavesdropping interceptor), which cannot be used by mobile phones within a range of about 2 m centered on the ATM. Even if the output is weak, it is necessary to apply for a call suppression device to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Chiba Bank began researching around July and approved its use after five months of preparation. Regarding the introduction of a telephone deterrent device, the bank said, “Although the target area is small, However, the fact that it is impossible to make calls still damages the convenience of users. How to balance convenience and criminal deterrence is a big problem. Therefore, we decided to limit the area outside the service area to about 2 m. We are sad, Because financial institutions do not have expertise in license applications, but we want to disclose whether other financial institutions are considering similar efforts."