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Cell Phone Message Blocking Is Active Affects Students' Thinking

Perfectjammer 2022/04/27

In the 2021 college entrance examination, there are suddenly more discussions about whether Cell Phone Message Blocking Is Active is harming students' physical and mental health, and whether it affects students' normal thinking. The reason is that the blocker on the mobile phone will harm the normal thinking of people. Since then, reports that smartphone jammers are harmful to the body have appeared in the newspapers one after another. Some news media reporters even said that the reporter felt close to cell phone jammer , "within 15 minutes, dizziness, stuttering, unable to concentrate logical thinking, chest tightness, nausea and vomiting, etc.". The parents of the students who hoped for their children to become talents were frowning at such information, and eagerly hoped that the authority would go out and make it clear. There are two key ways to shield data signals at this stage. One is physical digestion and absorption. Install wire meshes and boards outside the building to digest and absorb the radio waves of data signals, so that data signals cannot be received in the room. This kind of method is expensive and inconvenient to install, and is generally only used in physical laboratories with unique requirements. The other is to send radio waves to affect the data signal to achieve the purpose of shielding. Judging from reports in the news media, it seems that such devices that can transmit radio waves should be installed in the examination rooms for the high school and college entrance examinations across the country.

Fairness and fairness are the fundamental rules of social development, and there are many examinations in the life path, ranging from elementary school to junior high school, junior high school to high school, as well as national-level examinations such as this year's college entrance examination and civil servant recruitment. In order to better prevent students from cheating, in various large, medium and small exams, methods such as Cell Phone Message Blocking Is Active must be used to shield the signals in the exam room, so as to meet the requirements of no communication on mobile phones and online, then It can also be a good way to guard against student cheating. The use of mobile phones must be prohibited. What everyone can easily think of is classroom teaching, because once everyone is a student, it is forbidden to use mobile phones to improve work experience. With the development trend of society, more and more universities have set up mobile phone jammers. During class, the students' personal behavior of looking at their mobile phones and reading novels is very serious, blocking the signal of the mobile phone working. In addition, everyone who has gone through the key exams will find that it will also be open to the public during the major exams, so as not to allow students to use electronic devices such as mobile phones. Children use cell phones as a special tool for fraud. In order to prevent cheating in exams, 5g signal jammers must be used during exams.