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Mobile phone jammers prevent safety hazards

Frank Brian April 28, 2021 10:30

In detention centers where prisoners can be seen, the use of portable mobile phone jammers can prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world through mobile phones and certain electronic devices. Although the use of mobile phones is prohibited in prisons, the media and visitors are abundant, and no one can guarantee that irregular electronic devices will go to prison. Therefore, more and more prisons and detention centers are using interference products. The use of interference devices during the test can prevent candidates from using certain high-tech electronic products to convey or search for answers, thereby keeping the test room safe. Gas stations will purchase portable mobile cell phone jammer and prevent them from using mobile phones, thereby effectively avoiding some security risks related to mobile phone use. It's like a gas explosion caused by static electricity.

It will be tested when mobile jammers are initially manufactured. There are many necessary tests, such as B. battery life, transmission frequency, etc., including testing the interference radius. Manufacturers always believe that the test results are more effective than the actual range, because these devices are often tested in open areas. They know that buildings and different concrete structures can hinder the transmission of signals. Most of us live in big cities and we are surrounded by skyscrapers. The local cellular signal strength is also a factor of influence. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your interfering device cannot block the phone within 30 meters of you.