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The extent of influence differs when my cell phone enables blocked calls

Perfectjammer 2022/04/26

In order to make Whyis My Cell Phone Allowing Blocked Calls affect the mobile Internet reasonably, it is necessary to ensure that the magnetic field strength of the signal transmitted by the mobile phone jammer should be much higher than the magnetic field strength of the BCH signal in the affected area. Therefore, the same mobile phone signal jammer is applied in different places, and the impact The size of a reasonable area is different. Generally, the closer it is to the communication base station, the stronger the magnetic field strength of the local BCH, the smaller the range of reasonable influence of cell phone jammer , and the general influence half way is only 0.5 ~ 9m; if the distance from the communication base station is farther BCH The relative strength of the magnetic field is relatively weak, the larger the half diameter of the mobile phone jammer to achieve a reasonable impact, which can reach more than ten meters to several tens of meters. Therefore, the size of the local BCH magnetic field strength should be considered before applying the mobile phone isolator, and then the position, total number and composition method of the isolator should be determined according to the number of affected areas.

The application scope of smart phones is getting wider and wider, and the technology is getting more and more advanced. Now mobile phones have become a necessity of our life, as indispensable as our organs, and almost everyone needs to have them. But mobile phones are a double-edged sword, which brings us many problems while providing convenience for our lives. It is reported that people who are addicted to mobile phones are like drug addicts. The survey found that Mr. Yan relies on mobile phone personnel to draw more than a thousand times a day. And in some special occasions, mobile phones cannot be used, but there are still many people who do not use mobile phones according to the regulations, so we developed a mobile phone signal shielding device, referred to as Whyis My Cell Phone Allowing Blocked Calls , which can effectively block mobile phone signals and maintain the order of special occasions . There are many manufacturers of cell phone signal jammers, but most of them have the same function. The main functions are to prevent mobile phones from receiving signals and base stations to send signals, and to shield and monitor mobile phones in specified areas. The mobile phone signal shielding device can be used in many scenarios, such as bookstores, hospitals, schools, examination rooms, prisons, cinemas, conference rooms, police stations and other places. In recent years, many companies/institutions have installed cell phone signal jammers.