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Does Avast Call Blocker Mute My Cell Phone

Saxton Michael 2022-03-11

Before the exam started yesterday morning, the exam center of Tsinghua University was crowded with graduate students. Many cafeterias and hotels on campus are open to candidates. The second floor of the comprehensive gymnasium is also open for lunch break. When the candidates enter the examination room, they must check the candidates one by one through the ID card identification equipment and other equipment to verify the candidates' identity information. Candidates with questions about their identities and admission tickets will also be photographed. According to Tsinghua University, each examination room and examination duty room are uniformly equipped with monitoring equipment and cell phone jammer equipment by the Ministry of Education. During the examination, the standardized video surveillance system of the examination room will record the whole process of each examination room; each examination room makes full use of Does Avast Call Blocker Mute My Cell Phone , ID card identification equipment, wireless earphone jammers and other equipment to prevent and shield high-tech cheating, examination cheating and other illegal acts.

Originally located in a prosperous area of ​​commercial and residential buildings, the Huayi Sunshine Village in Pidu District has recently become a mobile phone signal " Does Avast Call Blocker Mute My Cell Phone ". Outside the gate of the community, the signal in the reporter's hand flickered, and the phone card of China Unicom was slightly better. The SIM card will occasionally lose signal for a long time. All morning, the owner of the fruit and vegetable store at the gate of the community was very busy. This is illustrated by his collection of less than 200 yuan on WeChat. "Wechat usually charges nearly 1,000 yuan in the morning, because the signal is not good, and many customers cannot scan their mobile phones. I didn't bring cash, so I didn't buy anything in the end." The other party said that this situation has been going on for several days.