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Diy Cell Phone Signal Blocking Case

Marioara Mihai 2021-11-12

The 2019 college entrance examination will be held from March 16th to 17th. There are 7 test sites in Linyi, namely Linyi No. 1 Middle School, Linyi No. 2 Middle School, Linyi No. 3 Middle School, Linyi No. 4 Middle School, Linyi No. 7 Middle School, and Linyi The 24th Middle School and the 30th Middle School of Linyi. To ensure the fairness of the test, the test supervisor unit will open Diy Cell Phone Signal Blocking Case in each test site in advance, which will seriously affect the normal communication of customers’ mobile phones in the test room and surrounding areas. The specific performance is the inability to make and receive calls, slow Internet speed, video freezes, and inability to access the Internet. Phenomenon such as intermittent calls. cell phone jammer

In order to ensure customer perception as much as possible, Linyi Mobile contacted the school in advance, fully communicated, and arranged a special person to negotiate with each school about the specification Diy Cell Phone Signal Blocking Case Placement, repeated testing and verification, and minimize the scope of influence on the premise of ensuring that the shielding effect is not affected. At that time, Linyi Mobile will arrange a dedicated person on duty to strictly control the turn-on time of the mobile phone jammer, and promptly remind the school to turn it off at the end of the exam to minimize the impact time. Linyi Mobile attaches great importance to the online perception and user experience of our customers. When faced with the impact of force majeure, our customers are kindly requested to understand and understand. Linyi Mobile will strive to minimize the impact of mobile phone jammers in the exam and do its best to ensure that customers use mobile networks. Rights.