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Block Cell Phone Tracking Android

Ochoa Javier 2021-10-20

The 2013 college entrance examination will be held tomorrow, and this college entrance examination is called "the strictest in history." This afternoon, after visiting the test center of the No. 2 Middle School in Xuhui District, the reporter found that the "strict" of the college entrance examination this year is mainly reflected in the two links of security inspection and invigilation. In an examination room on the third floor of the City No. 2 Middle School, the reporter saw that the text on the two blackboards before and after the class had all been erased. A camera is installed on the side of the classroom platform and equipped with a shielding instrument. According to reports, this station Block Cell Phone Tracking Android can block cell phone signals to prevent students from using cell phones to cheat. The reporter also noticed that cameras were installed not only in the examination room, but also in the hallways, school gates, and test paper storage offices. Through the monitoring room on the first floor, the reporter saw that from the entrance of the college entrance examination papers to the distribution of the test papers to the examination rooms, teachers unpacking, and distributing the test papers...all the links related to the test papers will be completed under the surveillance of the camera. cell phone jammer

According to reports, all candidates entering the examination room will undergo strict security checks. Each examination room is equipped with Block Cell Phone Tracking Android and ID card readers. On the one hand, the ID card is checked to confirm that the examinee is himself and not another person taking the test. On the other hand, it is checked whether the examinee has brought cheating equipment into the examination room. "Only after these two'gates' are they allowed to enter the examination room to take the exam." According to another report, the college entrance examination will also introduce a fingerprint recognition system next year. Fingerprints will be checked and a line of defense will be added to prevent taking the test. "Once the candidates are late and cannot enter the exam room, the invigilators need to persuade and persuade them patiently." According to reports, in previous years, especially for English subject exams, individual candidates were turned away because of the wrong time. The reporter saw that a coordination room was set up at the test center of the City No. 2 Middle School to communicate with the late candidates and parents without affecting the normal examination of other candidates.