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Mylar Blanket For Blocking Cell Phone

Alves Nathalie 2022-03-07

For this practice commonly implemented in schools, many students believe that it must be wrong to play mobile phones in class or before going to bed, which affects both themselves and others. But I hope that the school's approach can be more reasonable, "the management method should not be too simple and rude". The reason why the school resorted to the "eighteen martial arts" ban on mobile phones is nothing more than a phenomenon in the school: some students play mobile phones in class or before going to bed. Therefore, the original intention of introducing various measures is good. But in terms of handling and coping methods, the school has been "soft and hard" for so many years, but why are the results different? Parents, students and even schools should realize that mobile phones have become a "just need" for students, especially senior students, and cell phone jammer blindly blocking mobile phones will not be effective. You might as well try "sparse". Foshan No. 1 Middle School issued the city's first school management regulations. So classroom installation Mylar Blanket For Blocking Cell Phone . Even if the conditions for "sparseness" are not mature enough, if the school can patiently allow students to sit down and exchange views on an equal footing before making a decision or trying a policy, it is actually a transition from "blocking" to "sparseness".

Since October 6, mobile phone signals inside and outside Huayi Yangguangli Community, Pidu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province have suddenly weakened or even disappeared, with China Mobile being the most obvious. It turned out that due to the weak mobile phone signal in the community, the operators were opposed by some owners when they set up signal equipment in the community during the National Day. The incident disrupted the local information data center and police. Three days later, a document jointly signed by China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and the Tower Company has now appeared at the gate of the community, "Because of receiving a notice from the property, the residents of the community complained that the Mylar Blanket For Blocking Cell Phone equipment is at the gate of the community. The community interferes with the owners' business. The three major operators will suspend the operation of all mobile phone signal equipment in the community.” Residents entering and leaving the community stopped and read the announcement at the door. It's weird! Located in a prosperous area, the community has become a mobile phone jammer