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Cell Phone Call List Blocking

Smith Stephanie 2021-10-21

A weird instrument with four pointed tentacles and a flat body was activated, and the red light began to flicker. In less than half a minute, the phone in the normal state on the table had no signal; 10 minutes, the reporter started. I felt numbness in my face and limbs, accompanied by a slight acupuncture sensation. After 15 minutes, my head became drowsy, and my speech was a little stuttered. I was unable to concentrate my thinking. My chest became more suffocated, and I felt a little nauseous.” Recently, at Tsinghua University. In the university laboratory, the reporter of Legal System Daily" experienced the tremendous "power" produced by Cell Phone Call List Blocking . However, this kind of mobile phone jammer, which is basically provided for use by special departments, is widely welcomed by local examination management agencies. After the installation in some test centers in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other provinces and cities last year, the admissions offices of Gansu and other places are also preparing for this year. Install. cell phone jammer

Domestic Cell Phone Call List Blocking The inventor and chief engineer of Tsinghua University's Soft Media Security Technology Laboratory told reporters that according to laboratory testing, within 20 meters of the radiation range of mobile phone jammers, 90% of people will experience physical discomfort in about half an hour, and they will feel sick to their brains. Nerve cells, eye lens, and male reproductive organs cause damage. Researchers must wear protective clothing when entering the laboratory. "I am particularly disgusted with the use of mobile jammers in the examination room. The practice of some local education departments is very irresponsible." Since 2004, he has reminded him not to use mobile jammers in the examination room at various educational examination system meetings. , It turns out that more and more areas are used. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Nanjing Admissions Office. A staff member of the college entrance examination department said that some parents have asked them this question. He can unequivocally guarantee that mobile jammers will never be used at the test centers in Nanjing. Except for the college entrance examination, the high school entrance examination and other large-scale examinations did not use mobile phone jammers. How to prevent candidates from cheating on their mobile phones? Another staff member said that in order to prevent and combat cheating using modern communication tools such as mobile phones, Jiangsu Province will use metal detectors in the 2006 college entrance examination. Before candidates enter the examination room, invigilators will use metal detectors to conduct “security checks”. "Resolutely keep mobile phones and other modern communication tools out of the examination room.